Who we are?

Tallinn University’s Institute of Informatics Interaction Design Lab (IDLAB) was established in 2009 to support the development of human-computer interaction design skills and knowledge. It offers a possibility for bachelor, master, and doctoral students to develop their expertise in the field of HCI. The lab’s inventory is regularly updated with hardware and software tools for prototyping interactive solutions and conducting user experience evaluation.

IDLAB is a team of researchers, post-docs, PhD students, and interns who are studying the topics of theoretically informed interaction design, ubiquitous and tangible interaction, and user engagement strategies. We are involved in several projects, including developing a future e-textbook and a mobile application for Tallinn University, as well as evaluating the usability of systems for scaling up informal learning. We are specifically interested in developing mobile applications, cross-platform services, and user interfaces with alternative input and output devices.

Our skills



Project Management

Interaction Design



PhD Students

  • Arman
    Arman Arakelyan
    PhD student

    Arman is a doctoral student of Information Society Technologies program. His multilayered background includes IT consulting and management in the academic, non-profit and business spheres. At the Interaction Design Laboratory, Arman focuses his research on Sustainable HCI and more specifically on Sustainable Interaction Design. He is interested in those aspects of IT solutions that aim to decelerate production and obsolescence cycles and contribute to the prolonged use of devices through software that runs on them. CV and publications in ETIS.

  • Hanna-Liisa
    Hanna-Liisa Pender
    PhD student and project manager

    Hanna-Liisa is a doctoral student of Information Society Technologies program and a project manager at IDLAB. Her research interests include semiotics in HCI, ubiquitous computing, digitally augmented museums and activity theory in HCI. She teaches Foundations of Human Computer Interaction to HCI master program students and is the event manager of World Usability Day in Tallinn. CV and publications in ETIS.

  • Ilya
    Ilya Shmorgun
    PhD student and analyst

    Ilya is an analyst at Institute of Informatics HTK and a PhD student at Tallinn University Information Society Technologies doctoral program. His research focuses on ubiquitous interactions. He teaches  several bachelor and master level courses including Concept Mapping and Prototyping, Mobile Interactions, Experimental Interaction Design, and Usability, Accessibility and User-Centered Design. CV and publications in ETIS.

  • Veronika
    Veronika Rogalevich
    PhD student

    Veronika is educational technologist in Tallinn University E-learning Centre and a PhD student in Information Society Technologies program. Veronika's research interests are connected to educational technologies: creating, using and distributing e-learning content, content aggregation and personalisation. Veronika teaches Learning Management Systems for Educational Technology's master program and a Digital Literacy course at TLU Haapsalu College. CV and publications in ETIS.

  • mati_4 copy
    Mati Mõttus
    PhD student

    Having radio engineer’s education, graphic designer’s and photography background, Mati decided to start my doctoral study in Tallinn University, Institute of Informatics. His research focuses on interaction design and aesthetics. Recently he spends most of his days in IDLab using biometrical measurements to reveal how aesthetics is related to interaction qualities. CV and publications in ETIS.

  • Joanna
    Joanna Kwiatkowska
    PhD student

    Joanna is a PhD student of Information Society Technologies program at Tallinn University. Her research focuses on tackling the gap between the design and business. She is interested in research through design, design artefacts and design research. Joanna concentrates on solutions supporting co-design activities, thus the collaboration between the stakeholders and professionals having design and research skills. CV and publications in ETIS.

  • Abiodun
    Abiodun Ogunyemi
    PhD student

    Abiodun is a doctoral student of Information Society Technologies at the Institute of Informatics, Tallinn University and is doing a research on Uptake of HCI implementation by Software Development Industry. His research effort is to identify the gaps between the HCI and Software Engineering fields and understand how and why these gaps have affected human software design and development over time. His overall goal is to identify factors that facilitate or hinder HCI values and approaches implementation in software design and development. CV and publications in ETIS.


  • isaias
    Isaías Barreto da Rosa

    Isaias conducted his post-doc research in IDLAB from 2011-2013, he was also a lecturer for the HCI masters programme. His post-doc research topic was Bridging the Digital Divide with Mobile Digital Libraries (CV and publications in ETIS). Isaias is currently the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) Commissioner for Telecommunications and Information Technologies, since February 2014.

  • Ghayas
    Syed Ghayas Uddin

    Ghayas visited IDLAB in fall 2013 for two months. Ghayas is from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia. He was working on his research topic - Design Guidelines of Mobile Phone Applications Interfaces to Improve Learnability.