Call for Papers

Insight Talks opens CIAKL II to the world inviting contributions such as:

  • Existing or proposed strategies to foster business and entrepreneurship skills in all walks of life such as, but not limited to: curricula, courses, modules, and learning resources.
  • Existing or proposed industry or academia led mechanisms designed to bridge the gap between industry and academia such as, but not limited to: cooperation frameworks, articulated internships, joint projects, and competitions.
  • Existing or proposed policy, legal or otherwise enabling foundations addressing the above either directly or indirectly.
  • Reflective account of existing outcomes of related activities.

 Contributions should be submitted as:

  • Papers (10 to 12 pages, to be presented in 20 minutes + 10 minutes of Q&A);
  • Notes (4 to 6 pages,  to be presented in 10 minutes + 5 minutes of Q&A);
  • Posters (2 to 4 pages, A1 format, to be presented during breaks); or
  • Videos (2 to 4 pages, 5 minutes, to be presented in 10 minutes + 5 minutes of Q&A).

Selected conference papers and notes will be published in an issue of the journal Industry & Higher Education.


 Papers and notes should be formatted according to these instructions:

Descriptions of posters and videos should be formatted according to these instructions:

CIAKL II Insight Talks uses the following selection processes:

  • Refereed content is rigorously reviewed by members of the program committee and peer experts. The program committee may ask authors for specific changes as a condition of publication. Papers and Notes are refereed content.
  • Juried content is also reviewed by a committee and external experts in a less rigorous process. Posters are juries content.
  • Curated content is highly selective but does not follow a reviewing process by a committee. Videos are curated content.