The event takes place in Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia.

Arriving in Tallinn

Google map with practical highlights for navigating the town.

By plane

If you arrive by plane, you will land at Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport. From the airport you can reach the city center, where you will be located, by taxi or bus.

The bus stops are located on floor 0, by the car park that is located at the front of the airport, next to the lower entrance. You should take bus number 2 towards the city center from stop 1. Tickets can be bought from the bus driver when entering the bus or from the R-Kiosk that is located in the passenger terminal. If you buy the ticket on the bus, it costs 1.60 EUR.

For a 5 to 10 EUR trip to the city center, you should use one of the Airport’s taxi partners, which are Tulika Takso, Tallink Takso and Tallinna Takso. The taxis of these companies will wait for passengers in front of the terminal doors, by the clearly identified taxi stand. You risk a 50 EUR trip to the city center if you take the first taxi driver to approach you at the arrivals door.

By boat

If you arrive by boat, you can disembark in Terminals A, B, D or Linnahall.

From Terminals A, B and D you can take bus number 2 towards the city center, which stops in front of each terminal. Tickets can be bought from the bus driver and they costs 1.60 EUR each.

From Linnahall you can ride trams number 1 or 2 and bus number 3 to the city center. The tram stop and the bus stop are located at about 5 minutes walk from the terminal. You can also buy tickets from the bus driver at 1.60 EUR each. Exact change is recommended in this case.

Getting to the University

Our course will take place in Tallinn University. Tallinn University is conveniently situated in the city center and the main entrance is located at Narva Road, number 29. Another entrance exists at Uus Sadama, number 5. This one is specially useful for those staying in the dorms in Karu street.


If you are staying in the dorms at Karu street, you are just 5 minutes away from the university. Walk to Uus Sadama 5 and you will find there the registration desk for Tallinn Summer School. Don’t forget to register by 9:00 on Friday.

By tram

If your are staying at the Ilmarine Hotel or anywhere near the city center, take tram number 1 in the direction of Kadriorg and get off at the Tallinna Ülikool (Tallinn University) tram stop. Enter through the main door at Narva Road 29 and there will be someone to guide you on Friday, at 9:00.

By taxi

Finally, if you take a taxi, then ask to be taken to Tallinn University at Uus Sadama 5, and just walk in through that door heading to Tallinn Summer School’s registration desk. You will not miss it.

At the university

The main room is M6xx located in the sixth floor of the Mare Building. Please keep in mind that in Estonia the ground floor is the first floor. The room will be closed when not in use, so it is safe to leave your belongings there.

Power for your laptops is available through the extension cords spread through the room. You can also use the sockets on the walls. Power is 220V and Schuko sockets are used in Estonia. If necessary, adapters are not available and are not easy to buy near the university.

WiFi is freely available through EDUROAM or the open TLU network (no credentials needed in the last case).

Coffee breaks

Coffee, tee, juice, snacks and fruit will be available during the coffee breaks.

Lunch and dinner

Lunch is provided and a room was reserved in one of the university’s cafeterias to facilitated networking and informal meetings. Expect to find meat, fish and vegetarian alternatives with an option to add desert, fruit and coffee. Bills can be paid with common credit and debit cards, no need to have cash on you.

Apart from an organised networking dinner, evening meals are free for you to organize. We might book a restaurant or other venues during the course and will let you know as it happens, so that you can join us, should you wish to do so.


Smoking is not allowed inside the university buildings. Outside it is only allowed in designated areas. Please follow smoke related instructions carefully.

Public transport

Tallinn is very compact and easy to get around. For example Tallinn Airport is just 15 min bus ride away from the Medieval Old Town. Public transport operates between 6:00 and 23:00 (some lines operate until 24:00).

View, download or print the Tallinn transport map from here.

Timetables are available here.

Tallinn uses plastic smartcard and e-ticket system. The smartcard allows you to top up credit or buy different ticket types on it.

Smartcards are on sale in post offices (available in the Airport), R-kiosks (also available in the Airport), Maxima, Prisma and Selver shop-chains, Autogrill kiosks, Stockmann shop and at Tallinn City Council customer service desk (Vabaduse väljak 7).
You need to pay 2 Euro deposit for your new smartcard. This is refundable (6 months after the first validation) when you return your smartcard to Tallinn City Council customer service desk (Vabaduse väljak 7).

Validate your e-ticket on public transport by touching the orange card readers (at all entrances) at the start of each journey. A yellow light indicates the processing of information on your card. If you have enough credit, or a valid travel card you’ll see a green light. If you don’t have enough credit or a valid travel card a red light will be displayed.

Passengers travelling without tickets or with forged tickets will be fined. The maximum fine is 40 Euros.

You can still buy single journey regular paper tickets costing 1.60 Euros from the driver when entering public transportation. Please try to have precise change for the driver if you want to buy a ticket.