CIAKL II Insight Talks, taking place in Tallinn 18th and 19th May 2015, aims at gathering film and audiovisual media professionals, academics and researchers and discuss the challenge of creating innovative methods and tools for teaching entrepreneurship at film, television and multimedia schools.

5 reasons to join the Insight Talks:

  • Increase your knowledge on entrepreneurial thinking and acting in the creative industries.
  • Develop your skills through participation in our workshops.
  • Bring new ideas and concepts home to your institution.
  • Network with those having shared interests and goals.
  • Get access to all information on the event (e.g. papers, presentations).


CIAKL II – Cinema and Industry Alliance for Knowledge and Learning – is a project co-funded by the European commission under the programme Knowledge Alliances, addressing the need to foster business and entrepreneurship skills in students and professionals in higher education while considering the challenge of aligning industry’s needs and expectations with academia’s creativity and innovation potential.



In this scope, CIAKL II Insight Talks opens this venture to the world inviting contributions in the following or related topics:

  • Existing or new strategies to foster business and entrepreneurship skills in all walks of life such as, but not limited to: curricula, courses, modules, and learning resources.
  • Existing or new industry or academia led mechanisms designed to bridge the gap between industry and academia such as, but not limited to: cooperation frameworks, articulated internships, joint projects, and competitions.
  • Existing or proposed policy, legal or otherwise enabling foundations addressing the above either directly or indirectly.
  • Reflective account of existing outcomes of related activities.