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Description MobiComics is a collaborative comics editiMobiComics is a collaborative comics editing application developed by Lucero et al. (2012). MobiComics supports a set of interaction techniques for sharing content among private and public displays. Throwing allows a user to select a comic with a long press on the mobile device and flick the thumbnail in the direction of a public display. The location of devices in the environment are detected with radio tracking. A variation of this is the Send-to-Me technique, used for sharing content among mobile devices. A mobile device is lifted by a user in the air with the display turned towards other people in the environment. A vibration is triggered on the device and a sign “Send to me” is shown on the display. Another user, willing to share content, positions their mobile device accordingly and flicks a piece of content in the direction of the receiving device. Moving content from a public to a private device is achieved by the Retrieving technique, where the user points a mobile device towards a public display, tilts it vertically towards herself and makes a quick upward gesture to bring the device back to the starting position. Viewing all publicly available content can also be achieved by 2 users aligning their devices horizontally on the short edge and making a pinch gesture. To trigger a voting mode 2 members from different teams need to align their devices by the long edge and pinch them together. by the long edge and pinch them together.  +
Design goal Fostering collaboration  +
Design motivation Creating engaging experiences  +
Device type Private  + , Public  +
Enabling technology Displays  + , Multimedia  + , Networking technologies  + , Sensors  + , Haptics  +
Pattern family Throw  +
Reference Lucero, Andrés, Jussi Holopainen, and TeroLucero, Andrés, Jussi Holopainen, and Tero Jokela. "MobiComics: collaborative use of mobile phones and large displays for public expression." Proceedings of the 14th international conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices and services. ACM, mobile devices and services. ACM, 2012.  +
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Summary MobiComics describes several interaction tMobiComics describes several interaction techniques: Throwing, which is related to both the old version of Throwing and to Chucking, Send-to-Me which is meant to catch data being Thrown, Retrieving "fishes" data out of public screens and Voting, which is a Pinching gesture between members of two teams to cast a vote together.bers of two teams to cast a vote together.  +
Categories Interaction techniques  +
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