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Description Geissler et al. (1998) developed a set of Geissler et al. (1998) developed a set of interaction techniques for the DynaWall - a large interactive workspace aimed at supporting project teams. Shuffling allows moving objects on the screen by drawing a directed stroke with a stylus. This is meant for moving objects in a medium-sized area. Throwing is meant to support movement of objects across large distances and is achieved by making a stroke in the opposite direction of where the object is meant to be moved, followed by a longer stroke in the originally intended direction. Finally, taking is achieved by placing a hand on an object and waiting half a second for the object to disappear behind the hand. Laying the hand on another part of the wall makes the object of the wall makes the object reappear.  +
Design goal Designing new interaction techniques  + , Fostering collaboration  + , Supporting interaction in a free manner  +
Design motivation Augmenting existing practices  + , Creating engaging experiences  + , Designing new types of interactions  +
Device type Public  +
Enabling technology Displays  + , Networking technologies  + , Physical object identification  +
Pattern family Throw  +
Reference Geissler, Jorg. "Shuffle, throw or take it! working efficiently with an interactive wall." Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems: CHI 98 conference summary on Human factors in computing systems. Vol. 18. No. 23. 1998.  +
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Summary To allow for easier moving of objects acroTo allow for easier moving of objects across large screens, three techniques were devised: shuffling drags an object sideways to open space for others, throwing sends an object far away by pulling towards you then pointing the other way (like a slingshot). Taking allows you to remove an object by placing a hand over it, then tapping somewhere else to put it back.hen tapping somewhere else to put it back.  +
Categories Interaction techniques  +
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