Summary To allow for easier moving of objects across large screens, three techniques were devised: shuffling drags an object sideways to open space for others, throwing sends an object far away by pulling towards you then pointing the other way (like a slingshot). Taking allows you to remove an object by placing a hand over it, then tapping somewhere else to put it back.
Description Geissler et al. (1998) developed a set of interaction techniques for the DynaWall - a large interactive workspace aimed at supporting project teams. Shuffling allows moving objects on the screen by drawing a directed stroke with a stylus. This is meant for moving objects in a medium-sized area. Throwing is meant to support movement of objects across large distances and is achieved by making a stroke in the opposite direction of where the object is meant to be moved, followed by a longer stroke in the originally intended direction. Finally, taking is achieved by placing a hand on an object and waiting half a second for the object to disappear behind the hand. Laying the hand on another part of the wall makes the object reappear.
Design motivation Augmenting existing practices, Creating engaging experiences, Designing new types of interactions
Design goal Designing new interaction techniques, Fostering collaboration, Supporting interaction in a free manner
Device type Public
Enabling technology Displays, Networking technologies, Physical object identification
Reference Geissler, Jorg. "Shuffle, throw or take it! working efficiently with an interactive wall." Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems: CHI 98 conference summary on Human factors in computing systems. Vol. 18. No. 23. 1998.
Pattern family Throw
Cites Pick-and-Drop
Cited by Hyperdrag, Drag-and-Pick, Drag-and-Pop, Interface Currents, Vacuum, Chucking
Related to Pick-and-Drop, Hyperdrag, Chucking, Throwing (MobiComics), Send-to-Me, Retrieving, Voting
Examples Shuffle-throw-take-example.png
Diagram Diagram for Shuffle-thow-take.png

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