Summary Chucking is the act of mimicking physically throwing your device in some direction like chucking playing cards. Done while pressing your finger to a piece of data, it sends that data from your private device to a public screen for display.
Description Hassan et al. describe Chucking - an interaction technique allowing users to share documents between private and public screens with a single-handed gesture. To trigger an interaction the user selects items that needs to be shared and extends her forearm or wrist similar to they way cards are chucked on a table. The recognition of the gesture is performed based on the values of the tilt sensors of the mobile device.
Design motivation Augmenting existing practices, Designing new types of interactions
Design goal Fostering collaboration, Supporting joint interaction with information across devices, Designing new interaction techniques, Unifying advantages of different devices
Device type Private, Public
Enabling technology Displays, Networking technologies, Sensors
Reference Hassan, N., Rahman, M. M., Irani, P., & Graham, P. (2009). Chucking: A

One-Handed Document Sharing Technique. In Human-Computer Interaction–INTERACT 2009 (pp. 264-278). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Pattern family Throw
Cites Pick-and-Drop, That One there!, Stitching, Vacuum, Perspective-Aware Interfaces, Shuffling, Throwing, Taking, Drag-and-Pick, Drag-and-Pop
Cited by VisPorter, Throwing (MobiComics), Send-to-Me, Retrieving, Voting, Tilt-to-Preview, Face-to-Mirror the Full Screen, Portals, Cross-Device Pinch-to-Zoom
Related to That One there!, Stitching, Shuffling, Throwing, Taking, Tilt-to-Preview, Face-to-Mirror the Full Screen, Portals, Cross-Device Pinch-to-Zoom
Examples Chucking-example.png
Diagram Diagram for Chucking.png

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