Summary HandMouse, HandLaser, HeadMouse, and HeadLaser are 4 variations of using your hand or your head as either a cursor or a motion tracker - each has its own shortcomings and advantages depending if you aim for familiarity or augmentation.
Description Chernicharo et al. (2013) developed 4 interaction techniques for controlling cursor input in a perspective-aware MDE. These techniques resulted from a combination of a projector with a laser pointer or a mouse. The projector would be used to allow the user to create a new dynamic screen in an environment where the displays are otherwise fixed. The laser pointer would be used to control mouse cursor movements in a settings where the displays are distant and harder to reach. The combinations would include mounting the projector on either the user’s head or being handheld and using it with either a laser pointer or with a mouse. Each approach would have its own benefits, for example the HandMouse would be more natural to users, the HandLaser would enable faster movement of the cursor across the displays, the HeadMouse would generate projected screens always positioned in front of the user’s eyes, and the HeadLaser would allow the user to constantly look at the screens without shifting attention to the mouse.
Design motivation Augmenting existing practices
Design goal Supporting interaction in a free manner, Supporting joint interaction with information across devices
Device type Public
Enabling technology Displays, Alternative forms of input
Reference Chernicharo, Jorge H. dos S., Kazuki Takashima, and Yoshifumi Kitamura. "Seamless interaction using a portable projector in perspective corrected multi display environments." Proceedings of the 1st symposium on Spatial user interaction. ACM, 2013.
Pattern family Perspective-Aware
Cites Hyperdrag, Perspective-Aware Interfaces
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Related to Perspective-Aware Interfaces, Video Wall
Examples Headhandmouselaser-example.png
Diagram Diagram for Headhandmouselaser.png

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