Summary Using the gesture normally associated with zooming, but across two devices, Pinch stitches two screens together in a single workspace.
Description Ohta and Tanaka describe a technique for stitching content shown on 2 mobile devices. This is achieved by placing the devices together by the long side and making a pinch gesture across both displays until the images meet. This results in an image being shown across 2 devices that form a larger screen area.
Design motivation Designing new types of interactions
Design goal Creating integrated workspaces, Improving information management across devices, Supporting design of interfaces for dynamic collections of devices, Supporting joint interaction with information across devices
Device type Private
Enabling technology Displays, Networking technologies
Reference Ohta, T., & Tanaka, J. (2012). Pinch: an interface that relates applications on

multiple touch-screen by ‘pinching’ gesture. In Advances in Computer Entertainment (pp. 320-335). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Pattern family Display Grouping
Cites ConnecTable, Bumping, Stitching
Cited by
Related to ConnecTable, Bumping, Stitching, Throwing (MobiComics), Send-to-Me, Retrieving, Voting
Examples Pinch-example.png
Diagram Diagram for Pinch.png

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