Summary Select-and-Point uses natural gestures a a proxy to send data between screens: select an object with your finger and point towards a screen - the object will be moved there.
Description Lee et al. propose Select-and-Point - an interaction technique that enables virtual connection of devices in an environment and sharing files among them with hand gestures. For example, this is achieved by selecting a file and pointing in the direction of a wall display, which triggers movement of the file to the corresponding display. Establishing a connection between a laptop and the wall display could be achieved the same way, by pointing. Hand motion and gestures are recognized by cameras and can be carried out with bare hands, without the need of additional equipment.
Design motivation Augmenting existing practices, Creating engaging experiences, Creating technological infrastructure, Designing new types of interactions
Design goal Creating integrated workspaces, Designing new interaction techniques, Fostering collaboration, Improving information management across devices, Supporting interaction in a free manner, Supporting joint interaction with information across devices, Unifying advantages of different devices
Device type Private, Public, Semi-private
Enabling technology Alternative forms of input, Displays, Physical object identification, Sensors, Networking technologies
Reference Lee, H., Jeong, H., Lee, J., Yeom, K. W., Shin, H. J., & Park, J. H. (2008). Select-and-point: a novel interface for multi-device connection and control based on simple hand gestures. In CHI'08 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 3357-3362). ACM.
Pattern family Wireless Physicality
Cites Pick-and-Drop, TranSticks, MultiSpace
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Related to Pick-and-Drop, MultiSpace
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