Summary Slurp extends the eyedropper metaphor to the digital world: suck data into it (from screens or even real world objects) and drop it on some other screen.
Description Zigelbaum et al. describe the design of a digital eyedropper called Slurp and the corresponding interaction technique, which allows a user to extract information from a screen by holding the eyedropper next to it and making a gesture similar to sucking water with a physical eyedropper. Touching another screen and squeezing the bulb triggers a transfer of content to that screen.
Design motivation Augmenting existing practices, Creating engaging experiences, Creating technological infrastructure, Designing new types of interactions
Design goal Designing new interaction techniques, Improving information management across devices, Supporting interaction in a free manner, Supporting joint interaction with information across devices, Unifying advantages of different devices
Device type Private, Public, Semi-private
Enabling technology Alternative forms of input, Displays, Machine-readable data formats, Multimedia, Networking technologies, Physical object identification, Sensors
Reference Zigelbaum, J., Kumpf, A., Vazquez, A., & Ishii, H. (2008). Slurp: tangibility spatiality and an eyedropper. In CHI'08 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 2565-2574). ACM.
Pattern family Pick-and-Drop
Cites Pick-and-Drop
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