Summary MobiComics describes several interaction techniques: Throwing, which is related to both the old version of Throwing and to Chucking, Send-to-Me which is meant to catch data being Thrown, Retrieving "fishes" data out of public screens and Voting, which is a Pinching gesture between members of two teams to cast a vote together.
Description MobiComics is a collaborative comics editing application developed by Lucero et al. (2012). MobiComics supports a set of interaction techniques for sharing content among private and public displays. Throwing allows a user to select a comic with a long press on the mobile device and flick the thumbnail in the direction of a public display. The location of devices in the environment are detected with radio tracking. A variation of this is the Send-to-Me technique, used for sharing content among mobile devices. A mobile device is lifted by a user in the air with the display turned towards other people in the environment. A vibration is triggered on the device and a sign “Send to me” is shown on the display. Another user, willing to share content, positions their mobile device accordingly and flicks a piece of content in the direction of the receiving device. Moving content from a public to a private device is achieved by the Retrieving technique, where the user points a mobile device towards a public display, tilts it vertically towards herself and makes a quick upward gesture to bring the device back to the starting position. Viewing all publicly available content can also be achieved by 2 users aligning their devices horizontally on the short edge and making a pinch gesture. To trigger a voting mode 2 members from different teams need to align their devices by the long edge and pinch them together.
Design motivation Creating engaging experiences
Design goal Fostering collaboration
Device type Private, Public
Enabling technology Displays, Multimedia, Networking technologies, Sensors, Haptics
Reference Lucero, Andrés, Jussi Holopainen, and Tero Jokela. "MobiComics: collaborative use of mobile phones and large displays for public expression." Proceedings of the 14th international conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices and services. ACM, 2012.
Pattern family Throw
Cites Bumping, SyncTap, Stitching
Cited by
Related to Bumping, Chucking, Pinch, Shuffling, Throwing, Taking
Examples Mobicomics-example.png
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