Summary A asynchronous, two-button version of SyncTap, Touch-and-Connect allows you to tap a plug button on a device to initiate a connection and a socket button on another device to pair the two together.
Description Iwasaki et al. describe touch-and-connect - an interaction technique that enables connection of various devices in an environment through touch. The connection is established by pushing dedicated buttons on devices and is similar to SyncTap, however in this case each device needs to have 2 buttons: a plug-button and a socket-button. Pressing the plug-button on device A marks it as the source device, and pressing the socket-button on device B marks it as destination. Devices can be disconnected by pushing the plug-button for the second time.
Design motivation Creating technological infrastructure, Augmenting existing practices
Design goal Creating integrated workspaces, Fostering collaboration, Improving information management across devices, Supporting design of interfaces for dynamic collections of devices, Supporting joint interaction with information across devices, Unifying advantages of different devices
Device type Private, Public, Semi-private
Enabling technology Networking technologies, Alternative forms of input
Reference Iwasaki, Y., Kawaguchi, N., & Inagaki, Y. (2003). Touch-and-Connect: A connection request framework for ad-hoc networks and the pervasive computing environment. In Pervasive Computing and Communications, 2003.(PerCom 2003). Proceedings of the First IEEE International Conference on (pp. 20-29). IEEE.
Pattern family Wireless Physicality
Cites Pick-and-Drop
Cited by TranSticks
Related to Pick-and-Drop, SyncTap
Examples Touch-and-Connect-examples.png
Diagram Diagram for Touch-and-Connect.png

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