Summary Special gestures generate a vaccum-like force that pulls all icons on a given direction towards the stylus, bridging distances greater than the user's reach.
Description Bezerianos and Balakrishnan describe an interaction technique called the Vacuum, that aims to provide quick access to distantly positioned items on a large public display by showing a circular widget, which attracts distant items on the screen in the form of proxies that can be manipulated without the need to reach for the original icon.
Design motivation Designing new types of interactions, Augmenting existing practices
Design goal Improving information management across devices, Designing new interaction techniques, Supporting joint interaction with information across devices
Device type Public
Enabling technology Alternative forms of input, Displays
Reference Bezerianos, A., & Balakrishnan, R. (2005). The Vacuum: facilitating the manipulation of distant objects. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems (pp. 361-370). ACM.
Pattern family Gravity-Like
Cites Pick-and-Drop, Stitching, Shuffling, Throwing, Taking, Drag-and-Pop, Drag-and-Pick
Cited by Chucking
Related to Drag-and-Pop, Drag-and-Pick
Examples Vacuum-example.png
Diagram Diagram for Vacuum.png

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