Summary Video thumbnails on a public screen, when scanned by a mobile device, trigger the video to be loaded and played on the mobile device.
Description Baldauf et al. developed a prototype called a Video Wall, where video thumbnails were shown in a grid on a public display. A mobile phone would be used to interact with the grid through the means of augmented reality. As the phone would be targeted at a specific video a corresponding thumbnail would appear on the phone’s screen. It would then be possible to watch the video on the phone providing a private view of the content available on the public display.
Design motivation Creating engaging experiences
Design goal Unifying advantages of different devices
Device type Private, Public
Enabling technology Sensors, Multimedia, Displays
Reference Baldauf, M., Lasinger, K., & Fröhlich, P. (2012). Private public screens: detached multi-user interaction with large displays through mobile augmented reality. In Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (p. 27). ACM.
Pattern family Private Public Screens
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Related to Ubiquitous Graphics, SharedViews, Throwing (MobiComics), Send-to-Me, Retrieving, Voting
Examples VideoWall-example.png
Diagram Diagram for VideoWall.png

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