The accommodation is located minutes away by foot from the center of the alluring Old Town of Dubrovnik. With each step taken toward the accommodation a more breathtaking view of the sea and Dubrovnik is revealed. When you arrive at the accommodation you will find a brand new “Paola Di Rosa” Sorority House (Volantina 1, HR-20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia) with rooms and a brand new cafeteria surrounding a central courtyard with a water fountain.


Each of the rooms has between two to three beds with plenty of shelf space to leave your things and a writing desk should you choose to flip through some reading material. Each room also comes with its own brand new bathroom and, of course, air conditioning which can be adjusted to your liking. Every room has its own key, so be sure that your belongings are safe inside.

Should there be the need to do laundry, there are facilities where this can be done. In the courtyard there is plenty of space to mingle and “hang out” with other participants. All in all, the accommodation is a very pleasant place to stay while attending our course.

Rooms will be assigned on a first come first serve basis:
– student bed in triple room €25.00 per day,
student bed in double room €30.00 per day,
– student bed in single room €45.00 per day.