The city of Dubrovnik (lat. Ragusa) gives an incredibly inspiring environment for visitors of any kind. Majority of people know Dubrovnik as a famous tourist destination, and lately it’s been recognised as the filming location of the popular series The Game of Thrones. However, what many people may not know is that it is also the first knowledge city in the world.

Back in 12 and 13th century this UNESCO-protected city was once a small republic that didn’t have its own army, but still brought to perfection its defense system using skillful diplomatic duties and extensive consular activities. Persistence on neutrality in international conflicts and patronage of powerful countries, especially Spain and the Vatican, assured its independence, during great wars while many other bigger countries were conquered.

Also, its history of social and environmental awareness and innovation gives us the perfect foundation for the birth of new ideas. For example, the city had its first pharmacy in 1317 (still active), and it had first orphanage and 20 km long water supply system in the first half of 15th century. This impressive heritage and history of Dubrovnik inspired many researchers, scientists, artists and individuals and will be explored by summer school participants through various cultural events in the city during the fun time of summer season.


The training school will take place from Monday, July 11th, until Friday, July 15th, in the campus building (shown on the picture above) of the University of Dubrovnik (address: Branitelja Dubrovnika 41, HR-20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia).

The place is within the walking distance (10′) from “Paola Di Rosa” Sorority House, the accommodation for trainees, and also within the walking distance (10′) from the Old Town.