Ethics in research projects: the black, white and grey

Conducting research is a challenging activity that will involve many tough activities – coming up with interesting research questions and translating these in a proper research design, preparing all the materials, finding your participants, doing the research, analyzing the results, statistics… With so many challenges, ethics might seem the least of your worries, perhaps. And issues such as fraud, plagiarism, falsification of results – these are the obvious issues to stay away from! But ethics is not just about the “big bads”, it is very much about how to treat your participants in a decent way (while adhering to rules and regulations as well)… The main purpose of the session on ethics is to provide the students with a broad introduction to key topics in ethics aspects when conducting research, in particular when humans are involved: from regulations to practical do’s and don’ts, things to consider when setting up your study, and ethical challenges when working with different target groups. Also, ethical aspects around new techniques used in research (e.g. social media) will be discussed, as well as . The session will include a mixture of activities – interactive lecture part, and a group assignment, linked to the group projects.


(a shorter introduction to the topic is available in the shared folder on Google Drive)